NFTs are back from the dead at Dubai art

NFTs were not only pronounced dead. Their demise was roundly mocked as a fitting shambolic coda to the egregious excess of the blockchain bull market mania. To an increasingly pious (and luddite) commentariat, the 90% crash in NFT prices,  was a karmic justice for frivolous investors.

Yet something strange is happening at Art Dubai 2024 – visitors are flocking to the digital art section. Indeed, despite the global downturn, this fair has become a new Mecca for blockchain-based of  NFT enthusiasts and digital art innovators, featuring 24 exhibitors that bring the forefront of digital art trends to the Middle East. 

Pioneering platform

Ground-breaking AI art and immersive extended reality experience are the hottest tickets in town at Art Dubai Digital, curated by Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti. The show has positioned itself as a pioneering platform in the digital art sphere.

Art Dubai 2024 has now solidified its status as a crucial event for a diverse range of art forms, including digital, contemporary, modern, and Bawwaba artworks. The fair’s third iteration of Art Dubai Digital has particularly stood out, offering a deep dive into the evolving world of digital art and its capacity to break through traditional art paradigms with immersive technology.

Highlighting the transformative power of art, Canadian-Korean artist Krista Kim’s “Heart Space” installation became a focal point, connecting with viewers on a personal level by visualizing their heartbeats on an LED canvas, aligning with the fair’s overarching themes of hope and healing.

Global South Gateway

With over 100 exhibitors, Art Dubai 2024 expanded its lens to the Global South, not just geographically but through a narrative that encompasses shared histories and stories from diasporas and migrants, enriching the cultural tapestry of the event. 

The Bawwaba section, curated by Emilano Valdés, offered a unique insight into the Global South’s contemporary art scene, while Art Dubai Modern, curated by Dr. Christianna Bonin, revisited the significant cultural exchanges during the Cold War era.

Anna Seaman, curator at the Morrow Collective, has recently emphasised Art Dubai Digital’s role as a steadfast champion for digital art, both on and off the blockchain. Launched at the height of the NFT boom in 2022, it has since established itself as a critical measure for the importance of digital art globally.

Art Dubai 2024 not only celebrates the rich diversity of artistic expression but also underscores Dubai’s emerging role as a dynamic hub for cultural and artistic innovation, especially in the digital art realm.

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