Locofy.ai launches ‘ChatGPT for web design’ to tackle developer shortage

As the software industry confronts an acute global shortage of developers, Locofy.ai, a Singapore-based tech innovator, is introducing two cutting-edge products, Large Design Models (LDMs) and Locofy Lightning, potentially heralding a new era in frontend web development.

The products mark a significant advancement in tackling the global developer shortage and high burnout rates. By streamlining the design-to-code process, Locofy.ai is addressing immediate market needs and paving the way for future innovations in AI-assisted coding. The tools empower developers and businesses to create high-quality web and mobile applications more efficiently.

Dearth of developers

The software sector faces a daunting challenge: a significant shortage of developers. The International Data Corporation (IDC) anticipates a deficit of 4 million developers by 2025, while the US Labor Department projects up to 85.2 million unfilled software engineering roles by 2030, potentially leading to $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues. 

Meanwhile, between 66% and 90% of US employers struggle to find the skills they need, with tech positions being among the top 10 hardest roles to fill. 

Additionally, research has shown that approximately 80% of software developers suffer from burnout, with high workload cited as the leading cause. The shortage of developers has led to a sharp 20-30% increase in developer salaries making development costs skyrocket and putting immense pressure on companies with recent research highlighting that 89% of US business decision-makers are concerned about the on-time delivery of software.

This is where AI-first automated code assistants like Locofy.ai offer a solution, by reducing development cost and time to market. According to a 2023 Stack Overflow Developer survey, 70% of all respondents are using or are planning to use AI tools in their development process this year. 

Transformative tech

In this challenging landscape, Locofy.ai’s Large Design Models and Locofy Lightning emerge as potential game-changers. “Our LDMs are designed to convert complex designs into clean, efficient code, effectively reducing the burden on our overtaxed developers,” explains Honey Mittal, Co-Founder & CEO of Locofy.ai. 

The technology transforms Figma designs into web frontend code with a single click. “This is not just a tool; it’s a revolution in frontend development, potentially saving 80% of coding time,” Mittal adds.

Locofy.ai’s innovations are poised to significantly influence both the low-code/no-code space and the broader developer community. Cameron Pak, Founder of USA-based Melos, remarks, “Locofy is like the ChatGPT for front-end interfaces – incredibly user-friendly and impactful. It’s a game-changer not only for the low-code, no-code movement but also for seasoned developers.”

Mark Zielinski, CTO of Canada-based Where is My Package, also shares his experience: “Locofy has been instrumental in optimising our design-to-code workflow, saving us countless hours and enhancing our effectiveness.”

The long game

Locofy hopes Lightning’s user-friendly nature and seamless integration into existing workflows will set it apart. Its core, the LDMs, are trained on millions of designs, enabling them to expertly dissect visual elements and optimize layouts and code structures. “We’ve invested over $1 million in developing Locofy Lightning, underscoring our commitment to revolutionizing frontend development,” Mittal states. A beta release for Figma to web frontend is currently available, with mobile app solutions on the horizon.

Since its 2021 launch, Locofy.ai has gained industry standing and secured $7.5 million in investments from tech luminaries and venture funds. 

Honey Mittal believes the Locofy team are on a journey, “At Locofy, we’re not just creating tools; we’re building a future where AI-driven solutions like Locofy Lightning break down barriers in software development, enabling developers to focus on innovation and creativity. The potential of LDMs is just beginning to be tapped, and we’re at the forefront, leading this exciting journey.”

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