AI overload: STX ‘s Roszak says look before you leap

Artificial intelligence is the tech buzzword of the decade, promising everything from personalised consumer journeys to streamlined inventory management. But according to Bartek Roszak, Head of AI at STX Next, diving headfirst into AI without a strategic plan can spell disaster for businesses.

Avoid quick wins

Roszak cautions against the lure of quick wins. “AI offers enticing benefits—like personalised product offerings and trend analysis—but without a cohesive strategy, these benefits can lead companies astray,” he warns.

Many businesses get it wrong by misaligning their AI objectives with their core goals. This misalignment results from poor planning and can lead to wasted resources on projects that don’t support the company’s long-term vision.

Additionally, AI systems built on isolated data silos are less effective. For example, a recommendation engine that can’t access comprehensive data will deliver inferior results. Moreover, many companies choose AI technologies that meet current needs but can’t scale. This short-sightedness creates roadblocks as the business grows or market conditions change.

Long lens needed

Roszak emphasises the need for a strategic, long-term approach to AI. This involves proper resource allocation, flexible architecture, and adaptability. Take, for instance, an AI wedding assistant.

Developing it incrementally ensures each phase generates ROI and adapts to user needs and trends. By integrating functions like vendor selection and budget management, it offers a seamless, user-centric experience. A conversational interface further enhances accessibility and engagement.

AI’s potential is vast, but so are the risks of a hasty implementation. Misaligned objectives, data silos, and scalability issues can waste precious resources. Businesses must adopt a strategic, comprehensive approach to ensure their AI initiatives align with their goals, adapt to future needs, and integrate holistically to deliver maximum value.

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses can’t afford to gamble on AI without a clear strategy. Getting it right isn’t just smart—it’s essential.

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