Robin AI’s wants to blow-up M&A’s legal morass

The legal landscape could undergo a major transformation with the introduction of Robin AI Reports. The new product from Robin AI aims to turbo-charge the notoriously slow M&A process by automating key aspects of due diligence and contract negotiations.

Founded in 2019 by Richard Robinson and James Clough, Robin AI has established itself as a leader in the legal AI sector. With 140 employees and over 100 customers, the company continues to grow, bolstered by a recent $26M Series B funding round and the appointment of Scott Casey as CFO.

Unveiled at the recent LegalTechTalk conflab, this tool can generate detailed reports on contracts in mere minutes, significantly cutting down the time and cost associated with these processes.

Mind the M&A gap

It also addresses a critical inefficiency in mergers and acquisitions: the manual labour involved in reviewing and summarizing contracts is both time-consuming and costly. By automating this process, Robin AI Reports reduces the need for extensive manual work, offering a solution that could save millions in legal fees.

For legal teams, this means faster deal closures and a more streamlined approach to handling M&A, IPOs, and other complex asset transactions.

One of the key features of Robin AI Reports is its ability to run across hundreds of contracts simultaneously. Users can specify ‘red-flag’ issues and deviations from preferred terms, which the system then highlights and summarises.

Tech edge

These reports are comprehensive and easy to verify, making them invaluable for M&A due diligence, NDA compliance, supplier agreements, and audits. Notably, users can access up to three reports per month for free, reflecting Robin AI’s commitment to making advanced legal tools more accessible.

Robin AI Reports has already proven its worth in real-world applications. Since April, the University of Cambridge’s Investment Management has been using the product to great effect. Tasks that previously took senior in-house lawyers three hours now take just 30 minutes, marking an 85% reduction in time spent. This efficiency not only boosts productivity but also enhances the accuracy of legal reviews.

Robin AI’s technological edge comes from its partnerships with AWS and Anthropic. By leveraging Amazon Bedrock, Robin AI integrates Anthropic’s Claude 3 generative AI model while ensuring data security and compliance with local regulations. A dedicated instance of Claude 3 within Robin’s cloud environment guarantees that user data remains secure.

Ditch the DD grind

While he has plenty of skin in the game, James Clough, CTO and co-founder of Robin AI, talked up the transformative potential of Robin AI Reports at the LegalTechTalk Conference. “M&A, IPO, and other asset transactions no longer have to grind to a halt for weeks due to due diligence.”

Meanwhile, Sam Sturge, director of private assets at the University of Cambridge Investment Management, noted that that non-lawyers can benefit from its features.

Robin AI Reports represents AI-driven change that has blown through every industry. It offers significant advancement in legal technology, offering a practical solution to longstanding inefficiencies in M&A. By automating due diligence and contract negotiations, Robin AI is setting a new standard for speed and precision in the legal industry

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